Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will you do your makeup much heavier than the M.A.C. girls?

They are known for their heavy makeup, but I think they look too natural. It should be slapped on much thicker!!!Will you do your makeup much heavier than the M.A.C. girls?
I actually do! I love the thick makeup look (:Will you do your makeup much heavier than the M.A.C. girls?
I don't think that's possible.
If this is a cry to get attention, sorry, you can't get it here-
To get it on thicker woman would have to use a cement trowel.
that must mean that they have it on thick so that it will last longer thoughout the day, or they have serious skin problems under there
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  • How do u apply makeups at night?? Should it be heavy or light??

    it should be darker then what you wear in the dayHow do u apply makeups at night?? Should it be heavy or light??
    It should be richer, not heavier. Smokey eyes are a nice evening look.How do u apply makeups at night?? Should it be heavy or light??
    Make up should be a highlight to the beautiful you. Remember you want to like a improved you not someone else. Heavy make up is bye bye, accentuate yo our beauty with at night just by using darker eyeliner and shadows; but never change the foundation as that is natural skin tone, have some fun, play around with sparkles at night and highlight your eyes, More is not better.
    it should be a little more thatn what you would wear during the day just for dramtic effect. But dont cake it on then it will just look tacky.. jsut add more eye make up and blush and maybe a few shades brighter lipstick
    My eye make up is always dark. However, most normal people (I am not normal,) apply the eye make up some what darker at night. As well as, they probably add a brighter (or at least more) blush than what they wear in the day.

    Definitely maybe a tad be more eyeliner and mascara, and a brighter more colorful lip gloss.

    I don't know about blush, because I don't wear blush.

    Can you do your makeup much heavier and more dramatic than these girls?

    http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=erorufurakkuCan you do your makeup much heavier and more dramatic than these girls?
    YA I CAN DO MUCH HAVIER AND DRAMATIC MAKEUP.BT IT MAY B VERY VERY DANGEROUS 4 HEART PATIENTS..........................Can you do your makeup much heavier and more dramatic than these girls?
    yes, but i would not want to.

    They look like drag queens.
    No.... But I might try.
    oh heck yes i could..but unless it was halloween i wouldnt want to
    Why does this same question keep getting asked?!?

    Yes, we could all plaster our faces in makeup and heavy eyeliner and false eyelashes! It's not rocket science!

    No, it does not look nice - it is too much and it looks kinda like a ladyboy.
    I worked as a fetish drag queen for years and believe me i had loads of different looks. some were plain and simple and some were mega heavy any dramatic. so yes it is possible.
    why do keep asking these question?
    I could try =)
    yea i experiment alot for fun its wayyy 2 much
    umm i guess
    no not really they look like barbie dolls, they look so fake. whats the point putting it on when you have to take it off.
    The look is very natural ;o)
    yes i can
    can you stop asking the same damn question day after day???!!!
    no because i think its much and they look like barbies
    Yes, but I would use felt tip pens, not very good with a shadow brush, all fingers and thumbs ;0)
    ewww... plus.. thats a bit creepy

    Why do people automatically associate heavier makeup with being a slut?! (photo)?

    There are loads of people that wear quite a bit of makeup. I would say maybe a very small amount of these are actual sluts!? So why is it that there is a nametag on wearing makeup. Can't it sometimes just be creativity? I suppose it depends on how well you apply it...

    So do i look like a slut?:

    http://a767.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/ima鈥?/a>Why do people automatically associate heavier makeup with being a slut?! (photo)?
    Honestly, you don't look like a w h o r e , but the thick winged eyeliner and eyeshadow are a little much, I love colorful eyeshadow , and eyeliner, dont get me wrong, but theres a lot. Maybe tone it down a little?

    But you are really pretty :)Why do people automatically associate heavier makeup with being a slut?! (photo)?
    Yes. You look like a slut.

    But you can pull it off better than i can;

    i am way too innocent!

    Even if you like to express your creativity, you should express it on paper or on a fake doll. Not everyone has same taste, so you shouldn't be walking around with that mask of makeup on, it's hiding yourself.

    This isn't me generalizing you, it's just what i believe.
    lots of people call girls sluts for different reasons, and yeah, that is pretty stupid. a slut is a person who has alot of sex with alot of people. wearing alot of makeup does not define that. so eff all those people who call you that! you dont look like one at all. people are just looking for any reason to bring you down.
    no you do not look like a sult cause I know what a slult looks like and if you mean ''SEXY'' no you nor look sexy eitehr and sexy isnt sluty honey, people who call sexy sluting are ugly and have no confidince mmmkay
    know your amount of makeup doesn't make u a slut, but i really do hope you don't go out of the house looking like that b/c that makes u *** ugly girl.
    Ummm...just a tad. But your makeup is cool, in a very dress-up-halloween sort of way.

    But hey as long as you know you aren't a ****, then thats all that matters. =)
    No not at all you are just showing your personality and i think that is great and your shirt is so cute! Don't let people think you are a slut! You are really pretty too! :)
    yeah i know what you mean. Many girls who wear heavy makeup aren't sluts but.....you look like a slut..sorry

    yeah i used to wear havey makeup but no i dont..and im not a slut :)
    umm yeah i know what u mean, but i think its because most ppl put together slutty with trashy so that might be why so its not that they think they r slutty they just think a lot of make up looks trashy and no ur arnt slutty
    cuz ppl are insecure and like to judge

    just do your own thing and forget about ppl likeee that
    because it looks bad when people wear a lot of makeup and it just reminds them of sluts
    not really. no.
    No. You look like a fairy..
    Because that's what hookers use to hook men..or women.

    I need a heavy coverage foundation, but I don't wanna look like I have a full face of makeup on at the beach?

    I have blemishes, and I never go anywhere without makeup. What can I do when I go to the beach? I still need a heavy coverage foundation, i look terrible without it on but I want to look a little more natural at the beach. And I love the beach!

    Any ideas/suggestions for beach makeup would be great.I need a heavy coverage foundation, but I don't wanna look like I have a full face of makeup on at the beach?
    Instead of using heavy coverage foundation all over your face, here's what I suggest:

    - use a good sunscreen before putting on makeup

    - use a primer to make sure your makeup stays on (I like MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 -- this is basically sunscreen and primer in one!)

    - use a tinted moisturizer (I like Laura Mercier's oil-free tinted moisturizer. This is kind of expensive, but it's an awesome product. For a lower end product, Stila, Clinique, Kiehl's, Covergirl Smoothers are pretty good as well)

    - Lightly spot on a full coverage concealer and layer if you need more coverage. This makes sure you don't pack on too much product initially and you don't look cakey. (I like MakeUpForever's Full Coverage Camouflage Cream and MAC Select Coverup. Both of these are also good for covering dark undereye circles and redness as well). --- If you like, you can find a full coverage foundation and use it as your concealer to spot on wherever you need extra coverage (lots of raves for Estee Lauder Double Wear -- great coverage and excellent staying power).

    - If you get oily, you can use a setting powder, blot sheets throughout the day, or a blot powder whenever you need it (MAC Blot Powder).

    Good luck!I need a heavy coverage foundation, but I don't wanna look like I have a full face of makeup on at the beach?
    Try a mineral makeup, like Loral Bare Natural. Use the foundation lightly over your entire face to even out your skin tone, then use their concealer on the individual blemishes for heavier coverage. This look looks extremely natural but still covers blemishes, and it wont melt off in the heat like many liquid foudations do.
    How about a tinted SPF moisturiser with a matt finish which should give you reasonable coverage. You could put a bit of SPF concealer on your blemishes before putting on the tinted moisturiser if you are that concerned. But honestly the salt water would do your skin a power of good. Hamilton's is a good Australian product, hope you can source it where you are.
    revlon colorstay is very long lasting! 16 hrs!

    it looks relatively natural and doesn't feel too heavy either. but make sure you find a good match for your skin tone.

    i have been having trouble with finding a matching foundation until i encounted everyday minerals ~~ it's a mineral makeup and you do need to use finishing veils to control the oil and set your make up. and i dunno whether you could swim in it or not. it's bought online, so harder to access if you dun have paypal or a credit card.

    i dun think u can soak yourself in water in colorstay either, but it doesn't come off easily and it's a store brand -- easily access.
    Look, I know you want to cover your flaws but sun protection is far more important. The sun will age you and give you skin cancer without protection. Try Hissy Fit, Australian tinted sunscreen. It's thick, creamy and has a high SPF. It does two jobs in one.
    Max Factor Lasting Performance Stay Put Liquid Makeup Foundation.

    Its by far the best.
    MAC foundation sticks are amazing. They have SPF 15 and give great coverage.

    Why is it people treat me better (more politely?) when I am wearing heavier makeup?

    I really don't know ... do you act differently or carry your self in a different manor.....

    It may be you appear less casual.....Why is it people treat me better (more politely?) when I am wearing heavier makeup?
    maybe they feel bad for you.... pity all that excess make up you throw on your face. ick.

    Does my makeup look too heavy?


    i recently posted a question about how much makeup is a good amount and decided to just post a picture

    from a total strangers point of view * well obviously =]*, what do you think of me?

    im not trying to get compliments but maybe tips from girls on how to look better and if im at all good looking.

    btw, my hairs naturally curly. in these pics i straightened it, then added some curl...


    none of these are edited .:




    o and how old do you think i am?

    i just want some first reactions from people,

    thanks so much!Does my makeup look too heavy?
    No, it's not too heavy


    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;鈥?/a>Does my makeup look too heavy?
    No I think the eye make-up is just right!

    I'd say you're about 15.
    More foundation! Less eye liner and lighter! And dye your hair a little bit darker more like a brown for those pretty green eyes. And you look 14.
    no its doesnt look to heavy and you look around 14

    i think you look average...

    maybe get some acne cream?
    not enough makeup. get some concealer and proactive, i know everyone has acne, but maybe wash your face better?
    you look good i like the third pic im guessing your 15
    I think you look 14 and maybe a lil less eyeliner
    Nah, in fact, you could use some more. Try using a concealer :)
    hmmm this is a tough one...

    youre really pretty, i can tell but no offense these are not flattering pics

    i think your covering up your beauty potiencial with makeup

    dont get me wrong i love it

    but it doesnt help all girls

    try less eyeliner, or only on your top lash


    you look either tired, high or as if someone punched you and you have a black eye. Try to use a lighter colour if you are gonna wear eyeshadow like for example gold or copper or bronze.

    finally i would suggest bronzer or a darker foundation

    you look really pale and you need some light

    other than the makeup though definitly your gorgeous

    keep it up babe ;)

    oh sorry and age...hmm 14...13...15? like in there

    tell if im right please:)
    the eyes look great!

    try a little more concealer ;)

    u look 14 to me

    start with cover up and try showing ur teeth when you smile.

    other than that, you look perfectly fine. maybe too much around the eyes and maybe try shadow.
    you might actually want to use a bit more makeup..your definitely not wearing TOO MUch.

    Just a little more on your pimples. and that's all.

    pretty eyes tho.

    id say your 16
    no you look good

    you look about 14
    no you look ok
    yhu look 12/13 ur make up is fine, maybe yhu should go w/ foundation to cover up ur acne marks
    U are very cute

    i myself have acne breakouts every once in a while so i always make sure after i wash my face i pat dry then massage face moisterizer so that ur skin feels soft not dry and rough then put ur foundation on then use loose powder so ur face doesnt look shiny and finish with a light natural blush...blush is important so that u wont look pale!

    one last thing dont use black eyeliner it looks cheap try a medium brown instead. good luck : )
    No thats fine you look pretty you should try some self tinted cream
    I think your about 14 or 15 aorund there and i know a lot of people do it but your not really supposed to put eyeliner under your eyes.

    Hope it helped

    I think you put the makeup in the wrong spot. You need less on the eyes and more on your skin. Concealer ASAP

    You look 14.
    You have a lot of acne marks. You need more makeup.
    No and oh my gosh you are absolutely one of the most natural and beautiful girls i have ever seen and you dont need to wear make-up sweetheart that's how gorgeous you are. Im 100 percent straight and im telling you you are stunning, x
    no, omigosh you are the most beautiful ravishing beauty i have ever seen all the boys must be chasing after you and the girl so jealous, your the next tyra banks 10/10! your gorgeous! your like 14, your a diva!
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